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Shift Engineering

An autonomous software consultancy team SHIFTs the way the clients deliver software in an efficient and leaner way.

Become a Better Team, Together.

Autonomous Teams, Culture, Speed, Strong Communication, Ability to produce fast solutions, Adaptation, Change

Up-to-date Technologies

We use up-to-date technologies in line with the project requirements and have no technology addiction.

Instead of memorizing programming languages or software tools, we focus on the question of "how" and try to catch the paradigms under software processes. We are life-long learners!


Cloud Solutions

We are your team's solution partner in micro-service architecture. With our experience in cloud and container optimizations, your website/mobile applications always keep their functionality even in heavy on-site traffic. With CI/CD pipelines, it is now very easy and safe to deploy your codes to production.

Event Storming

Event storming is a rapid group modeling approach to domain-driven design. It is a workshop-style technique that brings project stakeholders together (both developers and non-technical users) to explore complex business domains. In this way, both technical and business processes are established on a single flow that everyone can understand.


As Shift, we make inception to plan the whole process at the beginning of the project and to keep the whole team in sync with the project. The trade of slider we make to determine our priorities is our guide in the decisions that need to be taken instantly. Other methods we use:

  • Lean Canvas

  • Empathy map

  • Trade of Slider

  • Story Cards

How does SHIFT accelerate your team?

Encourage Team Communication

Helps Save Time & Money 

Makes Information Accessible 

Keeps Everyone in the Loop 

How SHIFT accelerates your team

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